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Miscarriage followup and Government Vaccine Dangers

This is my 800th blog post. 

I saw a doctor this morning for a followup to my miscarriage. It was my first exam since 2008's postpartum checkup because I never see a doctor unless I absolutely have to. Thankfully, I received really good news after a full examination. My body is healthy and I am clear to get pregnant again! She said due to how early the last one terminated and the success of Azarel, the likelihood of a full-term pregnancy without complications next time is extremely high. It's a good thing I left the house without eating this morning, too so I was able to have lab work done. Results from cholesterol and thyroid checks will come back tomorrow. I'm glad I was able to get in and be seen. Granted, things were totally normal and fine, which means I don't impress the medical field because they can't make much money off of me. Tough. I hate them all and you'll read why.

There is still a mountain to cross over and climb, however. Nicholas has an ultrasound scheduled to see if he possibly has cancer. I'll save details about that for another time because there is no sense worrying just yet.

We are also hoping to get a service animal for him. Both of us are animal lovers. Actually, I should say all three of us are, but loving animals is not the reason we think Nicholas would benefit from a service animal. I will probably share the letter I wrote to recommend him for one. We have been patiently waiting for a call from an organization called Shepherds for Lost Sheep Inc.. If it doesn't work out with them, I have a slew of other resources for service animals. Interested? Scope this out for a list of other organizations for service animals for veterans. Special thanks goes out to Benita from Operation We Are Here, who compiled a great list.

I also have to send an email out to a Veteran Services Officer to find out how to reverse and appeal Nicholas's discharge paperwork, since the DoD took him off the Retired list and stuck him on a normal discharge. None of that makes sense since his VA rating may possibly go up, and ought to because with all of the things we are learning, the VA owes a lot more to its armed forces than money, and his service-connected symptoms are still continuing and increasing. God bless the man, he still works hard at his job. Counseling is continuing for the both of us together and soon Nicholas will be in individualized counseling. I'm hoping to get counseling for myself, too since I am seeing more and more of how my mind works as a result of the past few years. I'm verbalizing my fears to my husband and so he's seeing the differences in me, too. This has not been easy at all. 

Onto the main purpose of this post:

Nicholas and I have been doing some research about the dangers of the Anthrax and smallpox vaccinations the DoD forces servicemen and women to take. Other neurological disorders are common results of vaccinations, too, yet our government forces these and then they wonder why PTSD and TBI have such intense symptoms... or they don't really wonder and they just don't care. Call me a conspiracy theorist or what have you, the more research I do, the more I know these things have been planned and plotted and literally-speaking, well executed. I think the vaccines coupled with PTSD trauma and the poor preventative care of our military is all well-known to the government and they know that by weakening their forces from the inside, they can cause dependency in their people: Dependency on their power and their drugs. Dependency on a false hope of recovery. [The whole situation] it's not all trauma-caused. The war, combat, sexual, etc trauma are big problems, but the side-effects of the drugs and lab-harvested viruses that are pumped into our men and women are only adding to issues, and the whole thing is a motivation for the government to gain more power. Follow that up with more drugs handed out like candy from the Department of Veteran Affairs. It's not a pretty picture. How do we reverse the side effects? How do you take back what rights you had before you joined the military? How do you keep big government out of your small-government lifestyle? There is a TON to think about and we can't get solutions by any easy means.

I am also aware that the more I learn, the more the government wants to shut me up and obliterate my ability to think. My husband and I don't have any of the above mentioned pre-existing conditions (cancer, HIV, or a transplant), but.. I do keep my eyes out and I war in prayer for those I love who have to deal with all of that and then play helpless victim while the medical industry tells them how to get the best medication rather than how to prevent worse things from happening and improve the quality and length of their life with good health.  Side note: When someone who works for the government tells you what medication is best, you BEST find out what long-term damage will be done to your body. Chances are high they can't answer the question, or simply won't. No matter how kind they are, they are trained in dodging red flags.

A while back, the Center for Disease Control ruled, and the Supreme Court backed it up in 1993, that the military could give experimental medications and vaccines to military personnel without their knowledge. Inhumane and unethical!!! Are our men and women people, or are they simply lab rats?!

All veterans who've ever served in the middle east who complain of PTSD, Fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal issues, etc etc etc are all being thrown into the "Gulf War Syndrome" index. Supposedly the Anthrax vaccines have been ruled out, but after reading the effects and linking things together, ruling it out is absolutely ridiculous.

One friend of mine, a Marine wife, said,
"My husband was given lots of vaccines in the Marine Corps, and plenty too, when he went over for Gulf War I, but he did throw some of what he was supposed to take orally away, and he got less sick than others. He was also only there for six weeks. I think some of the sickness must be environmental too (DU, oil burning, those nasty sand fleas that pass on something or other). He did have enlarged lymph nodes when he got home, but one round of antibiotics seems to have cleared it up. That was twenty-two years ago. As far as the cumulative health effects of so many vaccines in the military, they seem to have affected me worse, but with having had ten children, demands on me have been more too. We almost had to take him to ER with seizures and fever from the typhoid vaccine they gave him. And he always got the flu worse than the children and I did, if we did. He was an officer, and they gave them ten days' worth at once. There wasn't a medic there babysitting each pill, but yes, it's harder to do that now, I would guess."
They swear their rights away on the black line. We all know that servicemen and women and their dependents are government property, whether active, reserve, retired, discharged, protecting the home front, raising the children, learning how to serve the country, growing up, or dead. It's amazing how God saves us and gives us insight despite it all.

I spoke with a friend of mine named Jennifer, Marine Corps wife of a combat-PTSD veteran from the initial OIF push in 2003, who had great insight to offer as well, which I am sharing with permission:
"There's a lot more not being said about what our husbands were exposed to. so to shut them up....give them dangerous psychotropic cocktails and send them on their way. Doctors get kick backs for whatever drugs they sell for the pharmaceutical companies. There is no money to be made in healthy people. You can't throw away medications they make you stand before them to take. Maybe the Corps of yesterday but today's Marines do NOT have a choice or chance to throw them away. my poor husband didn't realize how brainwashed he was until he got out...he got the boot too once his PTSD caused problems and embarrassment for the Corps. Don't call me crazy or anything...but here's my theory: These wars on terror were produced by many many years of baiting a mean dog (Arab world) by unreasonable and unquestioned loyalty to Israel...for the benefit of a few powerful men to make millions and billions of the course of doing so, you break down the strong and brave young men and tear their families apart causing weakened family units. Why? Because the weak and broke down are easier to control. ...and to keep people depressed and easy to lead further and further into a sinful lifestyle to keep lining those same pockets...and to get God out of our society and ultimately send more and more souls to hell. God is strategically placing people in like minded people paths. He is bigger that what Satan is up to and HE shall deliver us. It's where you stand that really matters at this point. God doesn't need weak minded sissies to do His work. He will raise up and elect those He chooses to do His work. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!" -Jennifer
The more the world falls, the more we can lift God up (not that He needs lifting up, but He is worthy of exaltation). It's very easy to do when we see such HUGE blatant differences between who gives life and who delivers death. He IS a deliverer and He is worthy of our hope. Excuse my language: All this shit's gonna end at some point. The point we don't have answers to is what to do with all of the damage being caused by the government. 

So, what can be stopped? What can be fixed? Does education mean much at this point, or are we too late in recognizing and educating ourselves? Is there a way for a man or woman who wishes to serve this country to refuse these vaccinations? We know the answer is no, so when considering joining the military now, we have to all consider that even if our loved ones do not come back missing a limb or dealing with severe or even mild PTSD, what are the effects of the vaccines? They are severe enough and the experimentation is wide-spread enough that we ought to think twice about what we are doing and saying is okay for the government to do. We must weigh the pros and cons of serving at this point. I think we are just the experiments being used to keep the power in the the leaders, give our enemies the upper hand, and lose our rights in this country. Anyone who stands up to the mastermind behind these experiments is silenced, so... what to do?

It's so hard when your heart and mind are focused and passionate about defending the land of your brothers and sisters, loved ones and forefathers, and you go to enlist and you get dumped on like this. I tried to take my mind out of the whole situation a while back and just analyze what would inspire someone to serve despite all of this, knowing that by going in, they will be willingly stupefying themselves. But the fact of the matter is that people enlist for many reasons, and most of them are without a goal in mind of killing themselves slowly. Suicidal thoughts don't usually motivate someone to serve a country, you see. Usually there is a passion in their heart, maybe a history of family serving, the power of honor, courage and commitment, a yearning for certain skills, and/or a desire to see the world, live with a purpose and die with accomplishments.

A big part of me wants to say "If you want to serve your country, serve those who have served in some way. Do your part in doing away with evil in the world. Fear God. Serve and seek Him. And pray to God that the veterans whom you try to serve don't tell you you that in order to be heard, you have to have had the government vaccines to prove your devotion." I am very torn over this. I have a hard time encouraging people to enlist because I don't want the government to destroy them.

What do you think? This is a serious issue. Tell people. And to God be the glory in all of it.

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